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  • Showing a spectrum of color, pint glasses of craft beer line the bar.
    Kegs lined up to be filled with lights reflected off their metallic surface.
    Soft focus close-up of 2 green Cascade hops flowers on a green background.
    Close-up of an ale fermenting and bubbling away in a glass carboy.
    A pint of ale glowing and backlit in a curvy Erdinger logo glass.
    Blue-colored man guzzling brown ale and coloring his mouth and throat brown.
    A Brewer holding up a beaker filled with beer and a hydrometer.
    Post No Bills logo pint glass full of amber ale on a bar surrounded by spilt beer, fresh hops, and barley grains.
    TheBeerGeek.com headline on a beer tasting note sheet with almost empty glasses of beers.
    Spaten logo coaster resting on top of a pint of golden ale.
    2 backlit pints of amber ale on a wooden bar.
    Half-full pint of stout with out of focus lights in the background.
  • Close up of Dead Guy Ale bottle with out of focus hand holding a pint of beer.
    6 beer tasting glasses stagger out of focus across a wooden bar with colorful lights.
    3 cascade hop cones close up.

Beer & Brewing Photography

Being an award-winning homebrewer for more than 20 years gives Steve Zmak a special relationship with this subject. In addition photographing beer, brewing, and its equipment and ingredients, Zmak also designs beer labels, merchandise and brewery marketing materials.

“Always drink your props!”