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  • Fisherman working on nets on a boat.
    A fisherman’s hand grabs a wet slippery fish from a bin of fish.
    Fisherman repairing fishing nets in a harbor parking lot.
    A fish lies in crushed ice on a wooden deck.
    Fishermen weigh fish.
    Close up of a pile of caught fish.
    A U.S. Fish & Wildlife Officer inspects a fish.
    Fisherman guides a container of fish being lifted up from below deck with a harbor in the background.
    Shipping crate full of fish is hoisted by a crane from below deck on a fishing boat.
    Close up of a fishermans gloved hands preparing a fishing net.
    Fisherman preparing a fishing net on his boat.
    Fishing boat with nets cast offshore in the Monterey Bay.
  • A fisherman fills a storage container full of fish with crushed ice coming out of a hose.
    Fishing boat returning to Moss Landing Harbor.
    Fisherman and birds on a rocky jetty with a research ship coming towards them in the background.
    Silhouette of a lone fisherman at the water’s edge of an expansive deserted beach.

Commercial Fishing

Monterey Bay is home to a reputable fishing industry rooted in the the region’s history and culture. This collection is mostly from Moss Landing.