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  • Photographer posing in wet weather in Yosemite Valley with a large camera.
    Redheaded woman poses for a portrait in a vineyard.
    Man in blue shirt with bagpipes in a vineyard.
    Dramatically lit dancer in motion.
    Guitar player music to a big oak tree.
    Fisherman working on nets on a boat.
    Pilot flying a helicopter with a scenic landscape visible out the big window.
    Woman holding a beer in front of brew tanks.
    College student helps a boy on a computer in a computer class.
    man smiling at camera with soft colors in the background.
    Guitar player walking through meadow.
    Guitar player sitting on steps.
  • MCWD Director jan Shriner poses with a glass of water with sand dunes, Monterey Bay and Monterey Peninsula in the background.
    Wine Photo Workshop Example - Student in vineyard holding a glass of wine.
    Guitar player sitting on bricks.
    Musician playing guitar in meadow.
    Looking up at guitar player sitting on steps.
    Musician playing guitar in meadow on a stool with a lamp.
    Guitar player sitting on wooden bench.
    Well-dressed man walking up steps.
    A Brewer holding up a beaker filled with beer and a hydrometer.
    Teaching welding in sculpture class.
    Woman on stage singing.
    Blue-colored man guzzling brown ale and coloring his mouth and throat brown.
  • A man sitting on a tree stump throne plays guitar with the Big Sur coastline in the background.
    Confident student campus tour guide sitting on a stool and holding a big round CSUMB logo.
    Portrait of woman in a brewery.
    John Geoghegan reviewing policy options with a smoking hot female client (my wife).
    John Geoghegan shaking hands with a local restaurant owner in the restaurant doorway.
    John Geoghegan reviewing insurance policies with a female client.
    Anna Rheim counsels an elderly woman in a garden.
    Anna Rheim counsels a young woman in a box window seat in her office.
    Anna Rheim counsels a young woman in a box window seat in front of a garden.
    Portrait of pilot flying his plane.
    Informal portrait of Ballerina Ashleigh Richardson.
    Dramatically lit dancer spinning on stage.
  • Dramatically lit dancer spinning and kicking in motion.
    Ballerina Ashleigh Richardson’s legs and feet.

Portraits – Environmental – Monterey Bay & Salinas Valley

Steve Zmak’s style of portraiture seeks to portray people at their best, letting their personalities spill out of them in a positive way. Portraiture is a collaboration between photographer and model. The model will have a vision for their self image, and Zmak will bring out their inner light so they can share it with others, and document who they are at that stage in their life.

“It’s not just about capturing physical beauty. It’s about capturing the whole person, a reflection of the soul. Who they are. What makes them laugh. What they feel deeply. What they are called to do. The vision of their potential, and who they will be after they’ve achieved their dream. Larger than life”

Zmak’s friendly personality and sense of humor make photo shoots fun. Models will become relaxed and confident, and it shows in the imagery. Clients can choose a favorite location throughout Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties such as Carmel and Carmel Valley, Salinas and Salinas Valley, Big Sur, Santa Lucia Highlands, Seaside, Marina, Aptos, Capitola, and Moss Landing.

Portrait sessions start at $75.00 for a traditional head and shoulders composition at an agreed upon location of the client’s choosing. Outfit, prop and compositional changes are an additional $50.00 each. Travel possible. Ownership rights are transferred to the client. Final file set includes 3 resolutions for web and social media, news media, and large print. Quotes for printing are available upon request.

Call or email today to book your session.