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  • People carrying flags and banners down a street.
    7 Adults hold a gas hose with the man in the center cutting the hose.
    WWII fighter planes buzz the runway at the Marina Airport.
    Graduates with messages written on their square caps.
    3 couples kiss around a red convertible sports car in front of a vineyard.
    A falcon with wings spread lands on a falconer’s hand before a crowd.
    Woman pours wine for eager tasters in Valentines costumes.
    7 experts in communications debate the early influence of the internet on education on a TV stage.
    A wall of graduates in black gowns and hats, and 1 with headphones rocking out to music.
    Ambassador Joe Wilson speaks at Cal State Monterey Bay.
    Volunteers hold up the ice plant they’ve torn up.
  • Swooshes of colorful festive Korean dancers in motion.
    Girls holding sings and banners march in a parade.
    Border collie runs around sheep.
    A CSUMB soccer player dribbles by his opponents.
    Dozens of people looking up at the camera and waving.
    Residence Hall Advisors (RAs) offering calm patient assistance.
    A semicircle of students arc around the center of the grassy quad with dorms in the background.
    3 women volleyball players return the ball.
    Dozens of university faculty and staff pose on the steps of the conference center.
    Huskies wearing sunglasses.
    Painters with canvases and easels are spread out on a hillside with a red mountain behind them.
    Woman on stage singing.
  • 3 dramatically lit photos of a guitar player on stage.
    Man pours a glass of wine for another man at a wine festival.
    Wine festival with red and pink decorations in a vineyard.
    4 couples pose outside the Marilyn Remark winery.
    Out of focus man hold his logo wine glass up to the camera.
    BBQ chef carves up ribs.
    3 women smile and pose with wine glasses.
  • Wine lovers line up for pours of Rarilyn Remark red wine.
    Man pours wine for festival goers.
    A happy couple enjoy a romantic afternoon in wine country.
    A couple drinks wine in a bare winter vineyard.
    Woman pours wine for man across bar.
    3 people sip wine on a patio with mountains in the background.
    Wine festival under trees.

Event Photography

Steve Zmak covers events by combining a documentary approach with a conceptual advertising style. He doesn’t just document events, he illustrates the energy and spirit of the events. Zmak’s open and friendly personality invite attendees to let their enthusiasm explode before his lens, and his stealthiness allows him to blend in and not interfere with the flow of activities.