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  • People wearing red and yellow arranged to form the In-N-Out Burger logo.
    Volunteers hold up the ice plant they’ve torn up.
    7 Adults hold a gas hose with the man in the center cutting the hose.
    Women’s basketball team group photo with otter logo painted on the floor
    Otters basketball team getting crazy.
    Group of women basketball players acting silly.
    Mayor and his wife pose for a color portrait.
    Dozens of university faculty and staff pose on the steps of the conference center.
    4 men pose with shovels and native plants ready to go in the ground.
    Staff in various visitor serving uniforms pose in front of a cabin and garden.
    Dozens of people looking up at the camera and waving.
    People hanging out windows with lights before dawn.
  • 5 women and a dog pose on a curvy ramp outside an office building.
    A semicircle of students arc around the center of the grassy quad with dorms in the background.
    3 couples kiss around a red convertible sports car in front of a vineyard.
    A wall of graduates in black gowns and hats, and 1 with headphones rocking out to music.
    Residence Hall Advisors (RAs) offering calm patient assistance.
    Painters with canvases and easels are spread out on a hillside with a red mountain behind them.
    Portrait of a man and woman in a vineyard.
    2 photos of 2 sisters, each photo has them with different expressions.
    Twin boys looking up at camera.
    Young woman holding 3 babies.
    Man with babies climbing all over him.
    2 women holding 3 babies.

Portraits – Groups – Big Sur to Santa Cruz

“Group portraits are mosaics of individual portraits where the sum of the whole is greater than its parts.”

Like a portrait of an individual, portraits of groups seek to expose the character of a group dynamic. Each individuals portrait is a piece of the whole puzzle. I find that individuals are more comfortable being expressive in a crowd than when standing alone, and this can make for some really outstanding results. So significant event should pass without a group photo.

Group portrait sessions start at $125.00 for couples, $150 for groups of 3-6, $225 for groups up to 20 and sports teams, and $300 for groups up to 100. Call for a quote for groups larger than 100 people. The mutually agreed upon location will be chosen by the client. Outfit, prop, people, and compositional changes are an additional $50.00 each. Travel possible. Ownership rights are transferred to the client. Final file set includes 3 resolutions for web and social media, news media, and large print. Quotes for printing are available upon request.

Call or email today to book your session.