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  • Clouds wrapping around a dark mountain peak.
    High contrast skeletal white tree in front of a nearly black mountain against a black sky.
    Glowing oak tree with sun and clouds behind it.
    Black and white sunset image of Fort Ord National Monument.
    Glowing palm trees and grape vines behind an antique truck with wine barrels stacked on the back.
    Highway bridge crossing a river whinding through a forest with snow-covered mountains and storm clouds in the background.
    Ranch fence line leading towards a large oak in the fog
    Mountain peal sticking out above the clouds of a dramatic summer storm with a range of mountains below.
    Filted sunlight shining through coastal trees and fog
    Wrecked cars line the bank of a creek with a Monterey County Line sign and cattle.
    Yosemite falls cascades down a dark rock face with storm clouds brooding above.
    A tiny tour bus on a road dwarfed by an expansive valley, snow-covered mountains, and dramatic storm clouds.
  • Oak tree with glowing leaves and lichen blowing in the wind against a black sky.
    Silhouette of a huge oak tree in front of a vineyard at sunset.
    Black and white high contrast photo of wild winter grape vines
    Black and White image in fog of young strawberry field rows.
    Bison in dry meadow
    Joshua trees in the foreground with a large rock formation in the center and hundreds of streaks of light in the sky.
    Joshua trees silhouetted by the setting sun.
    Black and white photo of barren grape vines pruned into the shape of crosses with dramatic white clouds shrouding the top of the Santa Lucia Mountains in the background.
    Cars on a country highway with a glowing white grassy landscape of hills and a partly cloudy dark sky.
    2 tress on a hillside with a puffy white cloud in a black sky.
    A rocky dry river bed with fallen trees in the foreground at the edge of an ethereal forest.
    Black and white infrared photo of El Capitan with high contrast details and black sky.
  • A wintery grove of trees with a path in the grass whinding up to it.
    Rows of dark barren grape vines separated by rows of white grass with a cloudy sky overhead.
    Branches from dead trees sticking up out of a pond with grass in the foreground and plowed fields in the background.
    Cholla plants glowing at sunrise with desert and mountains in the background.
    Trail through ground brush and trees leads off into the forest.
    Family playing at a river’s edge with trees and mountains across the river.
    Snow-capped dark mountains with storm clouds overhead.
    Snow-capped dark mountains with storm clouds overhead.
    Dark mountains with some sunlight hitting a valley in the foreground.
    Dramatic storm clouds roll over a vast landscape with a big mountain peak.
    Infrared black and white photo of glowing white vineyards against hills and mountains.
    Vineyard rows leading down to a tree with more vineyard rows in the background.
  • Rows of blossoming grape vines in black and white.
    Backlit silhouette of a farmer in a vineyard at night that looks like the Scheid Vineyards logo.
    Columns of twisted barren grape vines in the fog in black and white.
    An oak tree barely visible in morning fog.
    Snow covered landscape with creek running through it.
    Black river water with glowing moss, plants, and trees on its banks.
    Man sitting on parked kayak on bank of river surrounded by glowing brush and trees.
    Trickle of a stream running between grassy rocks and glowing white trees.
    Trees shade a little area of creek.
    Glowing oak tree.
    sunlit hills with storm clouds in a dark sky.
    Rusted roadside mailbox with tilled fields and an old barn in the background below scattered puffy clouds.
  • Storm clouds, mountains, tilled field, and reservoir.
    A Strom puffy white storm cloud arcs across a dark sky above a sunlit hillside.
    Storm clouds pass over a ranch and fields.
    Storm clouds forming a Z with a silhouette of a hill and cows in the lower right corner.
    Old cars from different eras line the bank of a river.
    Abstract pattern on a wall.
    Abstract pattern on a burnt wall.
    Grapevines being watered with hills and mountains in the background.
    Silhouette of Monterey cypress and palm trees in a park setting.
    Black and white image of glowing white spring vineyards rolling over hills towards mountains with a huge oak tree in the foreground.
    Black and white image of glowing white spring vineyards rolling over hills towards mountains.
  • Black and white image of glowing white spring vineyards sloping down towards a valley of farmland with mountains in the background.
    Infrared black and white photo of glowing white vineyards against distant hills and mountains.
    High contrast photo of skeletal winter trees and grapevines.
    Iron bridge crossing a wooded forest.
    Dramatic clouds over a beach.
    White water rapids winding through a forest with a single white tree in the foreground.
    Train cars litter a field like they were dropped from the sky.

Landscape Photography – Black & White

Landscape photography is at Steve Zmak’s core. That and seascapes is what he enjoys shooting the most. Zmak’s landscapes have been exhibited at the National Steinbeck Center, Center for Photographic Art, California State Capitol Museum, Monterey Museum of Art, and several California wineries. His landscape images have won numerous photography awards, and are most often used for the album covers of music CDs.

“There’s nothing like breathing in a grand landscape to make you feel alive!”