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  • Editor of the student newspaper reading a newspaper with a stack of papers at her feet.
    Happy little girl with notebooks and big eyes.
    Little girl looking up at camera with big grin.
    Little girl sitting and looking up at camera with a subtle grin.
    Little boy looking up at camera with wishful eyes.
    Little girl with notebook.
    Twin boys looking up at camera.
    Little boy with begging eyes.
    Confident student campus tour guide sitting on a stool and holding a big round CSUMB logo.
  • Smiling female anthropology student holding up a smiling human skull.
    Attractive female student holding up a CSU Monterey Bay logo with a wreath around it.
    Confident male student holding a round CSUMB logo.
    Attractive female student holding a CSU Monterey Bay Otters pennant.
    Male student kneeling and holding a globe.
    Male student sitting behind Cal State Monterey Bay logo.
    Student teacher draped in california flag.
    Attractive female student laying on her side behind a CSUMB logo.

Portraits – Studio – Marina, California

Steve Zmak’s style of portraiture seeks to portray people at their best, letting their personalities spill out of them in a positive way. Portraiture is a collaboration between photographer and model. The model will have a vision for their self image, and Zmak will bring out their inner light so they can share it with others, and document who they are at that stage in their life.

“It’s not just about capturing physical beauty. It’s about capturing the whole person, a reflection of the soul. Who they are. What makes them laugh. What they feel deeply. What they are called to do. The vision of their potential, and who they will be after they’ve achieved their dream. Larger than life”

Zmak’s friendly personality and sense of humor make photo shoots fun. Models will become relaxed and confident, and it shows in the imagery. Zmak’s home studio is located in Marina, but clients have options for moving the studio to their location.

Portrait sessions start at $75.00 for a traditional head and shoulders composition with backdrop and 3-point lighting. Outfit, prop and compositional changes are an additional $50.00 each. Ownership rights are transferred to the client. Final file set includes 3 resolutions for web and social media, news media, and large print.

Call or email today to book your session.