• Bottles of wine and glasses of wine and roses by candlelight.
    6 wine bottles on white background.
    Celestial Chardonnay bottle on black background.
    Celestial White Cabernet Sauvignon bottle on black background.
    Celestial Cabernet Sauvignon wine label.
    Purple and blue grape leaf superimposed on a star-field background.
    Poster listing wine awards with science fiction artwork of wine being poured into a glass full of stars.

Miramont Estate Vineyard & Winery

Steve Zmak was hired by Miramont in the Lodi AVA in 2004 to design their first wine brand, Celestial, which included photographing their wines in romantic settings for brochures, websites, and advertising, and even featured a vineyard landscape as part of the label template. Over the last 10 years, Zmak has designed several other wine brands for Miramont that can be seen in his product photography of the wine bottles. To view more of Zmak’s photography wine and vineyard photography, check out these Advertising & Commercial Photography galleries: Wine and Vineyard, Aerial, Product, Events, Still Life, and Lens Painting; and Zmak’s book, A Year in the Vineyard.