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  • Fisherman working on nets on a boat.
    A fisherman’s hand grabs a wet slippery fish from a bin of fish.
    Fisherman repairing fishing nets in a harbor parking lot.
    Fishing boat with nets cast offshore in the Monterey Bay.
    Close up of a fishermans gloved hands preparing a fishing net.
    A fish lies in crushed ice on a wooden deck.
    A U.S. Fish & Wildlife Officer inspects a fish.
    Fisherman preparing a fishing net on his boat.
    Shipping crate full of fish is hoisted by a crane from below deck on a fishing boat.
    Fishermen weigh fish.
    Fishing boat returning to Moss Landing Harbor.
    A fisherman fills a storage container full of fish with crushed ice coming out of a hose.
  • Close up of a pile of caught fish.
    Fisherman guides a container of fish being lifted up from below deck with a harbor in the background.


Oracle found that they were spending too much on stock photography and decided to build their own stock library of the industries that their products and services support. I was assigned fishing (Monterey Bay) and agriculture (Salinas Valley).