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  • Grinning otter floating in blue-green water covering his eyes.
    People carrying flags and banners down a street.
    Long exposure of car lights going around a roundabout with a library in the background.
    Road leading through a vineyard into the sunset.
    7 Adults hold a gas hose with the man in the center cutting the hose.
    Border collie runs around sheep.
    Volunteers hold up the ice plant they’ve torn up.
    Girl playing on a foggy beach.
    Aerial photo of small coastal city.
    Colorfully lit surf rushes up the beach at twilight with a colorful sky over Monterey and silhouetted sand dunes.
    Bunches of wet ripe Pinot Noir grapes on the vine.
    White water rushes up the beach with waves breaking on a sandstone monument just past sunset.
  • Parasailors hover above sand dunes and a beach with 2 people walking on the beach.
    Father teaches his son to ride a bike.
    Close-up of kelp bulb with hair-like strands coming off it.

The Marina Gazette

A local newspaper that uses my photography of local events, issues and scenery on their front covers under the title, View from the Dune. The news was a printed paper through the end of 2013 when it went digital: Marina-Gazette.com. (I also designed their masthead logo.)