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  • Close-up of a starfish on the beach.
    Oak tree with glowing leaves and lichen blowing in the wind against a black sky.
    Sunlight reflecting off wet rocks with waves breaking against mountains.
    Rays of sunlight break through silhouetted cypress trees and a cabin.
    2 glowing lilies against a black sky.
    Sun rays breaking through cypress trees.
    Tilted horizon of waves crashing on rocks and the beach.
    2 kite surfers on a shimmering ocean framed by a palm tree silhouette.
    Mountains meets the ocean.
  • Silhouette of Monterey cypress and palm trees in a park setting.
    Children and a dog on a huge rocky beach.
    Grapevines being watered with hills and mountains in the background.
    Jellyfish lying on the sand.
    Silhouette of a beached barge with surf crashing on it.
    Silhouette of a beached barge with surf wrapping around it.
    Tree with trunk and branches bent at a right angle.
    Surreal treatment to a photo of a broken down antique truck.
    Circle of trees reaching toward the sky.
    High contrast photo of skeletal winter trees and grapevines.
    Silhouette of big rocks off shore past sunset with waves rolling in.

California Black & White

Black & White Whispers (2005) explores the questions, “What does quiet look like, sound like and feel like?” It includes 31 photographs from California and Montana. The photographs illustrate the stillness of the natural world—from an isolated moonlit beach to a star-streaked desert sky to a little boy mesmerized by the tide’s ebb and flow.