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  • Bison in dry meadow
    2 seabirds photographed in a painterly style with their reflections off wet sand.
    Joshua trees silhouetted by the setting sun.
    Wooden doorway overgrown with glowing white brush.
    Black and White image in fog of young strawberry field rows.
    Glowing white plants spill through a stone doorway.
    Ranch fence line leading towards a large oak in the fog
    Time-lapse photo of water flowing over a rock.
    2 children dancing on the beach with their reflections in wet sand.
    Joshua trees in the foreground with a large rock formation in the center and hundreds of streaks of light in the sky.
    Little boy at the beach with the surf rushing over his feet.
    Rocky beach with the profile of a face laughing and looking up into the sky.
  • Crab hiding inside a clam shell with his claws hanging out.
    7 steps connecting a path through an overgrown garden glowing white.
    Silhouette of a lone fisherman at the water’s edge of an expansive deserted beach.
    A glowing white joshua tree flower blossoms in front of a black sky.
    Looking up at the top of a waterfall with white water rushing over rocks.
    A little waterfall between a fallen tree and a rock.
    A wintery grove of trees with a path in the grass whinding up to it.
    Rows of dark barren grape vines separated by rows of white grass with a cloudy sky overhead.
    Pelican flying over textured water.
    Cholla plants glowing at sunrise with desert and mountains in the background.
    A River full of rocks with heavy brush on its banks with clear water so you can see the bottom.
    Fisherman and birds on a rocky jetty with a research ship coming towards them in the background.
  • Silhouetted barren grape vines with the sun in the sky.
    Single Douglas Fir tree in a park.
    Branches from dead trees sticking up out of a pond with grass in the foreground and plowed fields in the background.
    White water rapids winding through a forest with a single white tree in the foreground.
    Fence post with barbed wire and brush around it with a cloudy sky reflected off the water behind it.
    Long exposure of white river water wisping around a single black rock sticking out of the water.

Black & White Whispers

Black & White Whispers (2005) explores the questions, “What does quiet look like, sound like and feel like?” It includes 31 photographs from California and Montana. The photographs illustrate the stillness of the natural world—from an isolated moonlit beach to a star-streaked desert sky to a little boy mesmerized by the tide’s ebb and flow.