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  • Abstract science fiction-like black and white image of a bubbling liquid oozing over a rock.
    Bubbles suspended above a glowing black and white feather.
    Optical illusion of flames rising up from a sand dune.
    Bubbles are released through swirling water passing through an extreme close up of barnacles.
    Thousands of bubbles flying outward away from a planet.
    Science fiction-0like image of an astroid striking an icy surface in space.
    Abstract photo of glaciers and mountains.
    High contrast skeletal white tree in front of a nearly black mountain against a black sky.
    A leaf frozen in the current of a river.
    Clouds wrapping around a dark mountain peak.
    Abstract pattern on a burnt wall.
    Layers of cascading water with surreal lighting.
  • Mist surrounding stones along the coast.
    Macro photo of a sand-covered sea creature at sunset.
    Water flowing over rocks with dramatic lighting.
    Full moon passing over a surreal landscape at night dotted with rock pinnacles.
    Inter-dimensional door leading into a vortex of stars.
    Bizarre looking flower with a bug on it.
    Kelp in water that looks like a galaxy or nebula.
    Sunbeams radiant from behind a giant redwood tree.
    Startrails form a vortex with spacecraft arcing across the sky towards it over a mountainous alpine valley.
    Four rocks crack an icy surface of a planet.
    White sand dune against a black sky; vertical photo.
    White sand dune against a black sky; horizontal photo.
  • Sand dune textured by both wind and rain.
    Spotted sphere against dark gray background.
    Ghostly figures standing atop a rock arch with misty ocean around them.
    Fresh and salt water collide and swirl behind stones on the beach.
    Abstract photo of ice forming in a river around rocks.
    Extreme close-up of the inside of a sand dollar scattered with sand.
    Bubbles suspended in ice frozen around a river rock.
    Ripples across a sand dune.
    Spheres of water caught in a network radial lines.
    Bubbles form across the surface of a creek from white water current.
    White waterfall splashing onto black rocks.
    Bright white water trickles down rocks back into the ocean.
  • Unusual texture across a sand dune.
    Textured sand dune with a black sky.
    Glowing rock embedded in fractured ice.
    Looking up through oak tree branches at glowing white leaves against a gray sky.

Expressions of Infinity

Through Expressions of Infinity (2015) I’m exploring the cosmos, the entire history of the universe from the Big Bang to the subatomic, right here on Earth.

Literal photography is about capturing memories. Abstract photography is about portraying fantasies. This portfolio serves as both for me. No better time is had than when I’m in nature shooting with photographer friends. We share an awe for the natural world in our souls. We deeply inhale it while witnessing it, and then exhale it in the fine print as a mix of memory and imagination.

I dream about the universe, the expanse of space and time through infinity, the birth of planets and death of stars, and how a thousand-year-old redwood perceives the world. There’s a fluidity and rhythm to the universe. It is a living thing but on a scale and dimension beyond our comprehension, and I’m trying to perceive it. What I’m really dreaming of is a better Earth—a way out of the mess we call civilization, its predatory greed and hypocrisy. But until then, I escape into my sci fi photography.

It’s not all dark, however. There’s always a hint of whimsy woven to my lifelong love of science, science fiction and existential comedy, and I bring that forward too, along with a hint of hopefulness and appreciation for the moment I documented.

Through macro and landscape photography, I’m suggesting celestial spacescapes and a peek into our planet’s prehistoric evolution. I’m finding the same patterns and aesthetic from Hubble telescope imagery here on Earth on a scale ranging from the grand landscape to the near microscopic.

From the Big Bang to the subatomic, quantum physics to metaphysics, documentary to science fiction—I’m inspired by all these scientific disciplines and fields of study: astrophysics, quantum physics, physics, planetology, astronomy, geology, volcanology, hydrology, meteorology, oceanography, seismology, chemistry, astrology, and numerology.

Each image stands as an individual representation of these themes, and is part of a larger science fiction narrative. The order moves viewers along on a spectrum from abstract to literal, and parallels the time line of the story, a tale that begins billions of years ago and comes more into focus as it approaches our own place on the cosmic calendar.

Limited edition of 10 prints for each photo.

Optical illusion of flames rising up from a sand dune.

A sand dune seemingly on fire creating a hellish abstract scene from the violent geology of Earth’s formation. This photograph was accepted into the 2015 Center for Photographic Art’s Juried Exhibit, and recognized by the International B&W Spider Awards.