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  • A huge oak tree sits atop a grassy hill on the former Fort Ord.
    Glowing oak tree with sun and clouds behind it.
    Silhouette of a huge oak tree in front of a vineyard at sunset.
    Backlit silhouette of a farmer in a vineyard at night that looks like the Scheid Vineyards logo.
    Glowing palm trees and grape vines behind an antique truck with wine barrels stacked on the back.
    Infrared black and white photo of glowing white vineyards against hills and mountains.
    Black and white photo of a waterfall over ocean rocks dappled with soft light.
    Black and white sunset image of Fort Ord National Monument.
    Yosemite falls cascades down a dark rock face with storm clouds brooding above.
    Interior photo of library.
    M.C. Escher-like room protruding from wall.
    Abstract photo of curved ceiling.
  • High contrast photo of a black & white spotted dog on a black background.
    High contrast photo of a black & white spotted dog on a white background.
    High contrast photo of a black & white spotted dog on a black background.
    Dramatically lit dancer in motion.
    Oak tree growing up through a piano in an oak forest.
    Dramatically lit dancer spinning and kicking in motion.
    Glowing white palm trees against a black sky blurred by wind.
    2 tress on a hillside with a puffy white cloud in a black sky.
    Dark gray and black tree branches squiggle up towards the sky against a backdrop of glowing white flora.
    Portrait of a white horse against a white background.
    Running water splashing over river rocks.
    Cars on a country highway with a glowing white grassy landscape of hills and a partly cloudy dark sky.
  • A rocky dry river bed with fallen trees in the foreground at the edge of an ethereal forest.
    Black and white infrared photo of El Capitan with high contrast details and black sky.
    Close up photo of tiny barnacles attached to a little kelp bulb.

Preview of New Black & White Work

Steve Zmak has several portfolios in the works and photographs being considered can be previewed here.

Graphic in Nature is a continuation of Zmak’s interpretation of the natural world through California scenery and western landscapes. Locations include Yosemite, Big Sur, Central California, Kauai, Alaska, and Montana.

Fort Ord is a body of work that began in 1996 when Zmak was hired by the new Cal State Monterey Bay on the former Fort Ord that closed in 1994. The buildings have been left to redevelopment when someone gets around to it or just rot in place because they’re too expensive to deconstruct. This part of the base that operated from 1917 and expanded during Second World and Vietnam Wars making it a photographers’ and graffiti artists’ playground. But the best part of the former base is what became the Fort Ord National Monument in 2012—50 square miles of trails through a variety of rare coastal habitats; and Fort Ord Dunes State Park in 2008—4 miles of coastline with huge sand dunes.

The California Wine Culture is a collection of wine and vineyard photography post A Year in the Vineyard (2009), and includes locations throughout California: all of Monterey County (not just the Santa Lucia Highlands), Paso Robles, Santa Cruz Mountains, Santa Clara valley, Cienega Valley, Santa Barbara County, Napa, Sonoma, and more. Zmak is also looking into trips to Oregon’s vineyards.

Miscellaneous B&W is just as it sounds: a deposit of miscellaneous B&W photography. Who knows what portfolio will emerge, or if it will just be an isolated single photograph. Several of these photos have won single image photography contests or juried into group photo exhibits.