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  • Silky white water rushing off of orange and red rocks with a light blue wave in the background.
    Dusk light glows off the ocean and rocks and wet sand.
    The Milky Way Galaxy above the Big Sur coastline with a waterfall spilling into a turquoise cove.
    The tide draining over lava rocks towards another incoming wave crashing with a red sunset sky.
    A network of blue waterways winds through a green and brown landscape.
    Multiple exposure of a surfer bathed in sunset light racing across a crashing wave.
    Green anole lizard poses for a portrait on a tropical leaf.
    Dolphins crisscross just below the ocean surface with sunlight shimmering off their gray bodies.
    Shadowy figures armed with lightsabers facing off on coastal rocks.
    Sci fi star wars warrior connecting with a glowing orb.
    Alien lights spinning around the natural Pinnacles landscape.
    The Milky Way spans the night sky above vineyards with the distant lights from Highway 101.
  • Long exposure of car lights going around a roundabout with a library in the background.
    Long exposure of car lights trace the path of a highway through a vineyard landscape at dusk.
    Hawaiian sunset over turquoise and white water rushing onto black lava rocks.
    Bright yellow, orange and red leaves in a vineyard landscape with a clearing storm over the Salinas Valley
    Silhouette of a shipwreck on a Monterey Bay beach just past sunset.
    Painterly looking photo of a summer vineyard.
    Red canyons walls dressed with bright green foliage with a long white waterfall and river, blue sky, and fluffy clouds.
    Silhouette oak at sunset.
    Painterly looking photo of wine grapes with the effect of being sucked into a vineyard.
    White water rushes up the beach with waves breaking on a sandstone monument just past sunset.
    Cows drinking from a trough at sunset with the Pacific Ocean and Pt. Sur Lighthouse in the background.
    Turquoise green surf rolls in and pulls back across a beach with a sunset sky.
  • Looking down on a beach and over the Monterey Bay at the city lights of Monterey with orange and blue clouds.
    White water waves rushing through lava rock tide pools with an orange and purple dusk sky.
    The edge of foamy blue surf staggers along beach after dusk with silhouetted sand dunes and Monterey lights in the background.
    Sanderlings feed and scurrying across wet twilight sky lit sand at the water’s edge and take flight.
    Colorfully lit surf rushes up the beach at twilight with a colorful sky over Monterey and silhouetted sand dunes.
    Big Sur coastline at night with streaking headlights along Highway 1.
    Hillsides covered with vineyards and orchards in fall colors with dark clouds overhead.
    Huge ocean rocks and surf are dwarfed by the edge of a storm rolling in across a deep blue sky.
    Green and yellow trees along a valley floor climbing up a peak into clouds with a wintery forest scene above.
    Surf rushes up the beach with a colorful sunset over the Monterey Peninsula and silhouetted sand dunes.
    Crab legs and claw pointed up in the air.
    Photo of a sailboat inside a wine glass at sunset.
  • Golden sunset light illuminates a submerged sand dollar with a red and white barnacle on it.
    Grinning otter floating in blue-green water covering his eyes.
    Red rock formation with night sky and Milky Way behind it.
    Green vineyard rows lead to layers of purple mountains under an orange sky.
    Bright oranges, yellows and greens from trees in autumn reflecting off a lake.
    Late afternoon golden light brightens golden hills and red mountains dotted with oak trees

Preview of New Color Work

Steve Zmak has several portfolios in the works and photographs being considered can be previewed here.

Spectral Nature is a continuation of Zmak’s interpretation of the natural world through California scenery and western landscapes, but in color. Locations include Yosemite, Big Sur, Central California, Kauai, Alaska, Montana, and more. Zmak never gets tired of sunsets. What photographer does?!

The California Wine Culture is a collection of wine and vineyard photography post A Year in the Vineyard (2009), and includes locations throughout California: all of Monterey County (not just the Santa Lucia Highlands), Paso Robles, Santa Cruz Mountains, Santa Clara valley, Cienega Valley, Santa Barbara County, Napa, Sonoma, and more. Zmak is also looking into trips to Oregon’s vineyards.

Miscellaneous Color is just as it sounds: a deposit of color photography. Who knows what portfolio will emerge.

The tide draining over lava rocks towards another incoming wave crashing with a red sunset sky.

The emerald waves crash onto the volcanic rocks. The tide pools fill and reflect the colorful twilight sky, overflowing into rapids returning to the sea. Again and again forever.