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  • Long exposure of car lights going around a roundabout with a library in the background.
    Ambassador Joe Wilson speaks at Cal State Monterey Bay.
    Graduates with messages written on their square caps.
    Dozens of people looking up at the camera and waving.
    Residence Hall Advisors (RAs) offering calm patient assistance.
    5 women and a dog pose on a curvy ramp outside an office building.
    Confident student campus tour guide sitting on a stool and holding a big round CSUMB logo.
    Attractive female student holding up a CSU Monterey Bay logo with a wreath around it.
    Confident male student holding a round CSUMB logo.
    College student helps a boy on a computer in a computer class.
    Teaching welding in sculpture class.
    4 men pose with shovels and native plants ready to go in the ground.
  • A semicircle of students arc around the center of the grassy quad with dorms in the background.
    A CSUMB soccer player dribbles by his opponents.
    3 women volleyball players return the ball.
    Women’s basketball team group photo with otter logo painted on the floor
    Otters basketball team getting crazy.
    Group of women basketball players acting silly.
    Smiling female anthropology student holding up a smiling human skull.
    Editor of the student newspaper reading a newspaper with a stack of papers at her feet.
    Attractive female student holding a CSU Monterey Bay Otters pennant.
    Male student kneeling and holding a globe.
    Male student sitting behind Cal State Monterey Bay logo.
    Student teacher draped in california flag.
  • Attractive female student laying on her side behind a CSUMB logo.
    Happy little girl with notebooks and big eyes.
    Little girl looking up at camera with big grin.
    Man with babies climbing all over him.
    Little girl sitting and looking up at camera with a subtle grin.
    2 women holding 3 babies.
    Young woman holding 3 babies.
    Little boy looking up at camera with wishful eyes.
    Twin boys looking up at camera.
    Little boy with begging eyes.
    Little girl with notebook.
    2 photos of 2 sisters, each photo has them with different expressions.
  • A wall of graduates in black gowns and hats, and 1 with headphones rocking out to music.
    7 experts in communications debate the early influence of the internet on education on a TV stage.
    Exterior photo of library at night with bright lights illuminating from the inside.
    Abstract photo of curved ceiling and rows of wood planks.
    Interior photo of library.
    Abstract photo of curved ceiling.
    M.C. Escher-like room protruding from wall.

California State University, Monterey Bay

I was hired by California State University, Monterey Bay in 1996 at the close of its first academic year to be its first staff graphic designer. I immediately added staff photographer to my responsibilities, and grew into the art director role in University Advancement’s Marketing & Publications Dept. After designing the university’s visual brand (logos, colors, publication styles, etc.) and creating a comprehensive photo archive of the first 10 years, I left to go freelance. CSUMB still calls on me for photo assignments for their alumni magazine or student recruitment campaigns, and I still provide them with any aerial photography I happen to take of the campus and surrounding region, along with other scenic selections. Working at CSUMB was also my first experience teaching photography. I had more than a dozen student photographers working for me to document every aspect of campus life in the early years, and I was the advisor for the CSUMB Photography Club.

Long exposure of car lights going around a roundabout with a library in the background.

Cars, buses and bikes whirl around the roundabout in front of the Tanimura & Antle Library at Cal State Monterey Bay.