• Students working with light reflectors photographing wine.
  • Evening light at Fort Ord Dunes
  • Kids photographing along the beach
  • Photographer sitting in a vineyard photographing
  • Students lined up at the beach photographing the sunset.
  • Students photographing a Fort Ord Dunes
  • Student photographing in a Fall-colored vineyard.
  • Lone photographer at the beach photographing the sunset
  • Two young students photographing at the beach.
  • Sunset and a lone photographer shooting a date tree.
  • Group photo of students in front of graffiti.

The prime directive of Steve Zmak photography workshops is that you learn what you want to learn and have fun doing it.

With workshops limited to 10 participants, photographers receive individual attention and one-on-one hands-on learning in the field. Each workshop offers pre and post workshop phone meetings to discuss individual learning objectives, and critique afterwards.

Because the learning is custom tailored for each participant, workshops are beneficial for photographers of all levels. Beginning photographers can learn a new camera and the fundamentals through patient instruction. Intermediate shooters can gain guidance on using a new lens or piece of equipment, and learn advanced techniques. Advanced artists gain exclusive access to private property and guidance on public locations, as well as developing advanced shooting techniques.

All camera types are welcome from digital phone cameras to large format film. Although at least a 35mm SLR or mirrorless camera with a variety of lenses and a tripod are recommended, many participants have greatly increased their ability with just an instamatic.

All workshops cover the many subjects of photography and how to bring out their inner light: landscapes, wildlife, macro, still life, long exposure, and abstract.

“The whole point is to get you the shot you envision in your mind’s eye.” 

The Vineyard Workshops offer exclusive access to private vineyards and award-winning wineries during all seasons of the year. They are designed to be more than just a photo workshop, but an immersion in the Monterey County wine culture.

The Explore the Wild Beach Workshops provide a guided exploration through one of the Monterey Bay’s wildest and most hidden state parks with a focus on the expansive undeveloped coastal landscape, the national bird sanctuary, the Salinas River Mouth, and “The Barge”.

The Fort Ord Dunes Workshops provide a guided exploration through one of California’s newest state parks with a focus on the expansive wild and undeveloped coastal landscape all the way down to the nearly invisible forms of life that call it home.

The Youth Camps offered through Lyceum of Monterey County and Monterey County Free Libraries advance the photography skills of students ages 10-14 and 14-18, and feature studio learning, daily critiques, photo hikes and scavenger hunts, and several of Monterey’s most scenic locations from Fisherman’s Wharf and Window on the Bay to El Estero Park and Dennis the Menace Park.

Workshops can be custom designed for private parties to cover specific disciplines at locations of your choosing, as well as private one-on-one tutoring. This is a great activity to add to any conference or convention in the Monterey Bay area.