• Kids photographing flowers.
  • Photo camp kids photographing at the beach.
  • Young girl photographing something.
  • Two young boys, one with his camera on the head of the other.
  • Young girl wrapped in Christmas lights and taking a self-portrait.
  • Two young girls at the beach photographing.
  • Portrait of dark haired girl at a Lyceum Photo Camp.
  • Lyceum Photo Camp instructor Steve Zmak instructing a student
  • Three girls at the Lyceum Photo Camp playing in a tree.
  • Two young students photographing.
  • Lyceum Photo Camp, young girls looking at a digital camera.
  • Lyceum Photo Camp Monterey - in the classroom

Indoor/Outdoor Digital Photo Camp at Lyceum in Monterey

On Location in the Parks and Beaches of Monterey.

Take your photography to the next level! Using 35mm digital cameras, students will reinforce the fundamentals of photography with more advanced techniques for natural and studio lighting, still life compositions, landscapes and wildlife, close-ups, portraits and action, and special effects. A small class size allows individual instruction tailored to each student’s camera type, experience level, and artistic interests.

Shooting locales include Monterey Beach, Fisherman’s Wharf, El Estero Park & Dennis The Menace Park, Custom House Plaza, and the Lyceum Indoor/Outdoor Studio. This 5-day camp, taught by local commercial and fine art photographer Steve Zmak, will transform a photographer into an artist.

Grades: 6th – 12th Grade
Date: June & July, 2015 – TBA
Hours: 9am – 3:30pm
Location: Lyceum, 1073 Sixth St., Monterey, CA
Instructor: Steve Zmak
Size: Limited to 8 students
Fee: $135 (half off for second child) – Scholarships Available
Required: Any Digital 35mm Camera, Tripod, Extra Batteries
Recommended: Laptop, Flash, Variety of Lenses

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