• Storm clouds forming a Z with a silhouette of a hill and cows in the lower right corner.
    sunlit hills with storm clouds in a dark sky.
    Rusted roadside mailbox with tilled fields and an old barn in the background below scattered puffy clouds.
    A fence blocks the view of a strawberry field.
    Artichoke field with town in background.
    Storm clouds, mountains, tilled field, and reservoir.
    Storm clouds pass over a ranch and fields.
    2 cowboys riding horses along a road.
    A Strom puffy white storm cloud arcs across a dark sky above a sunlit hillside.

The Creeks of Salinas: The Gabilan Watershed Experience

The Creeks of Salinas: The Gabilan Watershed Experience, also directed by Jennifer Colby, was an exhibit similar to the Pajaro. It celebrates the ecological address of Salinas, Prunedale and Castroville by following the course of the water that lands on the Pacific side of the Gabilans and Fremont peak. It opened at The National Steinbeck Center on February 5, 2010, and later travelled to the Salinas Libraries.