• Science fiction graphic novel featuring abstract black and white photography.

Visions from the Collective

Sci Fi Photo Novella ~ Limited First Edition of 100

This 8.5 x 11″ 64-page plus soft book is my latest B&W portfolio of 29 photographs, published as a science fiction photo novella, similar to a graphic novel in format. Only 100 limited edition signed and numbered books have been printed! Just click the $15 price link below to add to cart.

Visions from the Collective

First Edition - 11 inch Soft Cover ~ Limited To 100 Signed Copies

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This is the history of the 3rd Exodus of Life as recorded through visions, dreams and memories of the Collective Unconscious.

It is the epic story of the destruction of Planet Aguadon in the Szhaan Galaxy, the escape of sentient life to Terra Sola in the Sol System of the Milky Way, and life starting anew on an infant planet. This is the natural history of the beginning and end to life on Terra Sola spanning 4.1 billion years.

All life has the cumulative memories of every species in its genetic family tree, going back to the origins of the universe. For the first time, these memories have been accessed and recorded on a massive scale. This has allowed species to identify their origins beyond their immediate planet of residence, and fill in blanks in natural history—even if sentient beings were not present to document it. It is evidence that all species on Terra Sola share the same ancient DNA from another world, a home long since forgotten until now.

Terra Sola currently sits at the precipice of its 6th and worst extinction event, caused by unchecked Human manufacturing of greenhouse gases. Humans are consciously causing this environmental disaster, and only they can stop it. All attempts by the Cupressaceae and Cetaceans to intervene have failed.

This is the first publication of the Genetic & Evolutionary Bureau, produced in a last attempt to communicate with Humans to stop the Holocene Extinction.