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  • Bottle of Hahn Pinot Noir wine and glass of wine with artichokes, strawberries and blackberries on a barrel top with a vineyard in the background
    Police helmets and bowling pins litter the grass outside an overgrown concrete warehouse.
    Showing a spectrum of color, pint glasses of craft beer line the bar.
    Santa having a cookie and glass of wine.
    Bottles of wine and glasses of wine and roses by candlelight.
    Bottle and glass of Pessagno Chardonnay in a vineyard.
    Sand dollar on beach with foamy white water rushing up behind it.
    Fragile coral in the shape of a tree placed over a red seaweed background over sand stone.
    Crab legs and claw pointed up in the air.
    Photo of a sailboat inside a wine glass at sunset.
    Magazine cover with a photo of a sailboat inside a wine glass at sunset.
    Post No Bills logo pint glass full of amber ale on a bar surrounded by spilt beer, fresh hops, and barley grains.
  • Wine bottle surrounded by hundreds of squiggles of colored lights.
    Colorful out-of-focus lights surround a bottle of port and 2 glasses.
    Wine Bottle surrounded by spilt apples and cranberries with colorful background lights.
    A pint of ale glowing and backlit in a curvy Erdinger logo glass.
    TheBeerGeek.com headline on a beer tasting note sheet with almost empty glasses of beers.
    6 beer tasting glasses stagger out of focus across a wooden bar with colorful lights.
    Seashell with bubbles around it on a wet sandy beach.
    Zigzag painted surfboard floating in still shallow water with surf in background.
    Close up photo of tiny barnacles attached to a little kelp bulb.
    Chair facing the corner of concrete walls with light coming in from a window above and graffiti on he wall below it.
    An empty warehouse with an armchair and 2 windows arranged on the floor with light coming in from side windows a door in the back.
    Light, Pallets, Concrete, Dark
  • 2 glowing lilies against a black sky.
    Close up of weathered piano keys.
    Brown cracked clay mask lying in a creek.
    2 dried kelp bulbs and leaves on the beach.
    Black and yellow seaweed leaf lying onto of colored and striped sand stone.
    A little crab crawling over a ridge of seaweed.
    Half-full pint of stout with out of focus lights in the background.
    Close up of Dead Guy Ale bottle with out of focus hand holding a pint of beer.
    Spaten logo coaster resting on top of a pint of golden ale.
    2 backlit pints of amber ale on a wooden bar.
    Close up of wine dripping down the side of a winer glass in front of colored lights.

Still Life Compositions

A still life is composed by design by the artist. A still life can be in a studio with artificial light, a home’s window with natural light, or constructed in nature with manipulated light. It can be near microscopic or set in a landscape. Steve Zmak meticulously arranges his subjects in front of the lens and sculpts the light around them to bring compositions in his head out onto a stage for his camera to record.