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  • The Milky Way Galaxy above the Big Sur coastline with a waterfall spilling into a turquoise cove.
    Dusk light glows off the ocean and rocks and wet sand.
    Silky white water rushing off of orange and red rocks with a light blue wave in the background.
    A lone surfer exits the ocean across lava rocks with king tides washing in and out just after sunset.
    Cows drinking from a trough at sunset with the Pacific Ocean and Pt. Sur Lighthouse in the background.
    Looking down on a beach and over the Monterey Bay at the city lights of Monterey with orange and blue clouds.
    Silhouette of an old army watch tower in front of a sunset over the Monterey Peninsula.
    The edge of foamy blue surf staggers along beach after dusk with silhouetted sand dunes and Monterey lights in the background.
    Colorfully lit surf rushes up the beach at twilight with a colorful sky over Monterey and silhouetted sand dunes.
    White water rushes up the beach with waves breaking on a sandstone monument just past sunset.
    Black and white photo of a waterfall over ocean rocks dappled with soft light.
    The tide draining over lava rocks towards another incoming wave crashing with a red sunset sky.
  • Hawaiian sunset over turquoise and white water rushing onto black lava rocks.
    Sanderlings feed and scurrying across wet twilight sky lit sand at the water’s edge and take flight.
    Silhouette of a shipwreck on a Monterey Bay beach just past sunset.
    Bright orange sunset viewed from a mountain top in Big Sur
    Surf rushes up the beach with a colorful sunset over the Monterey Peninsula and silhouetted sand dunes.
    A localized rain storm sweeps across the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Kauai.
    Hawaiian sunset with waves washing over volcanic rock tide pools.
    Hawaiian sunset with waves washing over volcanic rock tide pools.
    Hawaiian sunset with waves washing over volcanic rock tide pools.
    Purple, magenta, red and orange sunset reflected in the pacific ocean with high tide pouring over rocks.
    The Kauai island as seen from a boat on the ocean with bright-colored foliage and cloud-shrouded mountains.
    Tree stump on the beach with the tide rushing up around it at sunrise.
  • Water flowing over rocks with dramatic lighting.
    Fresh and salt water collide and swirl behind stones on the beach.
    Bright white water trickles down rocks back into the ocean.
    Huge ocean rocks and surf are dwarfed by the edge of a storm rolling in across a deep blue sky.
    Misty surf washes over volcanic rocks lining the beach with twilight colors in the sky.
    Twilight long exposure with misty surf on a rocky beach with distant city lights.
    White water waves rushing through lava rock tide pools with an orange and purple dusk sky.
    Turquoise green surf rolls in and pulls back across a beach with a sunset sky.
    A photo that looks like a pastel abstract painting with oranges, blues, and greens.
    Waves crash in a long line on a low sunset over the Monterey Bay with dramatic blue storm clouds engulf the sky.
    Big Sur coastline at night with streaking headlights along Highway 1.
    Rocky beach with the profile of a face laughing and looking up into the sky.
  • 2 children dancing on the beach with their reflections in wet sand.
    Little boy at the beach with the surf rushing over his feet.
    Silhouette of a lone fisherman at the water’s edge of an expansive deserted beach.
    Fisherman and birds on a rocky jetty with a research ship coming towards them in the background.
    Close-up of a starfish on the beach.
    Children and a dog on a huge rocky beach.
    Tilted horizon of waves crashing on rocks and the beach.
    2 kite surfers on a shimmering ocean framed by a palm tree silhouette.
    Silhouette of a beached barge with surf wrapping around it.
    Silhouette of a beached barge with surf crashing on it.
    Silhouette of big rocks off shore past sunset with waves rolling in.
    Dramatic clouds over a beach.
  • Sand dollar on beach with foamy white water rushing up behind it.
    Seashell with bubbles around it on a wet sandy beach.
    Zigzag painted surfboard floating in still shallow water with surf in background.
    Silhouette of a seagull on top of pointed rock overlooking the ocean with the sun shimmering off its surface.
    Girl playing on a foggy beach.
    Parasailors hover above sand dunes and a beach with 2 people walking on the beach.
    Ghostly figures standing atop a rock arch with misty ocean around them.

Seascape Photography

“The coast is where all the elements collide in an infinite dazzling spectacle: Earth, Water and Air. Throw in the sun falling to the horizon and throwing up an explosion of color, and you have Fire.” Seascape photography is at Steve Zmak’s core. He has spent his whole life on the beaches of California, and when he portrays a seascape, he is showing you his home and his deep spiritual connection to it. Zmak’s seascapes have been exhibited at the National Steinbeck Center, Center for Photographic Art, California State Capitol Museum, and Monterey Museum of Art, and appear in several travel magazines showcasing the beauty of the California Central Coast, Big Sur and Monterey Bay.

Steve Zmak’s ocean imagery is popular with interior designers. Purchase one as a fine art print for your home or office, or as a gift. Many Monterey and Santa Cruz area businesses and public facilities exhibit his photography, and even blow the images up to wall size to create serene work space environments. And if you like his seascapes, you’ll also love his vineyardscapes of California.

Colorfully lit surf rushes up the beach at twilight with a colorful sky over Monterey and silhouetted sand dunes.

Cold winter surf rushes up the beach at twilight with a spectral sky over the Monterey Peninsula and silhouetted sand dunes.