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  • Two geese standing in a fall-colored vineyard
    Blonde grizzly bear mother with a cub on a field of green grass.
    Grinning otter floating in blue-green water covering his eyes.
    Close-up of a starfish on the beach.
    Grizzly Bear starring at the camera
    Male caribou feeding on grass.
    Bison in dry meadow
    A grizzly bear cub whispers in the ear of another cub.
    Black and white profile portrait of a blonde grizzly bear.
    Crab hiding inside a clam shell with his claws hanging out.
    2 seabirds photographed in a painterly style with their reflections off wet sand.
    Silhouette of a pelican with wings extended against sunlight shimmering on the ocean’s surface with lots of seagulls on the beach
  • Sanderlings feed and scurrying across wet twilight sky lit sand at the water’s edge and take flight.
    Mother grizzly bear and her cub eating grass.
    Caribou eating grass.
    Squirrel surrounded by colorful rocks that match his fur.
    Grizzly Bear staring at the camera.
    3 Dall sheep climb a green mountainside dotted with yellow flowers.
    Black bird sitting in vineyard.
    Blackbird on post surrounded by green vineyards.
    Ptarmigan in green brush and pink flowers.
    Pelican flying over textured water.
    Silhouette of power lines and birds swarming around and sitting on them at sunset.
    Silhouette of power lines and birds swarming around and sitting on them at sunset.
  • A pair of fish in shallow water over pebbles.
    Jellyfish lying on the sand.
    Wasp on a flower.
    Blue-colored man guzzling brown ale and coloring his mouth and throat brown.

Wildlife Photography

Steve Zmak views all living things equally. Each species has a role to play that makes the whole machine work, and no one species’ role is any more or less important than another’s. He approaches photographing wildlife as either a portrait, or action and sports.