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  • Layers of mountains slope into the Pacific Ocean shimmering with sunlight and frozen contrails in the sky.
    Sunrise through trees and a fence.
    Elderly surfer standing at water's edge in wetsuit and with surfboard.
    Black and white image of beach rocks.
    Single wet and polished rock at water's edge
    Rocky shoreline with a solitary figure far down the beach.
    Surfer paddling across reflective water with beach and surfers riding waves in the background.
    Silhouette of a bridge.
    Hundreds of rocks seemingly coming out of the sea and moving across the beach.
    Zigzag painted surfboard floating in still shallow water with surf in background.
    Dramatic clouds over a beach.
    Mission bell tower with skeletal winter tree with surreal light treatment.
  • Thousands of rocks and pebbles on a beach.
    Egg-shaped rock among many smaller rocks and pebbles on a beach.
    Abstract granite rock pattern.
    Seashell with bubbles around it on a wet sandy beach.
    A creek’s course that looks like a Z.
    Rocky beach with streams of water trickling back out to sea.
    Wasp on a flower.
    Silhouette of a seagull on top of pointed rock overlooking the ocean with the sun shimmering off its surface.
    Mission bell tower with skeletal winter tree.
    Abstract white clouds in a black sky.
    Reflections of tress in still water.

The Lonely Coast

The Lonely Coast (2000) was shot along the wintery landscape of the Central California Coast. It features 23 black & white photographs spanning from Zmudowski State Beach and the rugged Big Sur coastline in Monterey County to the rocky shores of Point Conception in Santa Barbara County.