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  • Close-up of a cluster of Pinot Noir grapes changing from green to purple with a little morning dew.
    Purple Ripe clusters of Pinot Noir grapes on green leafy vines.
    Backlit yellow and green grape leaves and clusters of pinot noir grapes on vineyard trellises that extend into infinity.
    A single brightly colored red, orange, yellow, and green pinot noir leaf sharp with detail cutout on a black background.
    Dark purple Pinot Noir grapes ripe and just days from harvest in the autumn sun.
    Black and white high contrast photo of wild winter grape vines
    Red Pinot Noir grapes against a red leaf background.
    Silhouetted barren grape vines with the sun in the sky.
    Rows of grape vines with black grape clusters and white leaves.
    Close up of young grapes on the vine.
    Close up of green and purple grapes sprinkled with morning dew.
    Discarded over ripe red berries lie on the ground.
  • Green wine grapes ripen on the vine.
    Tiny grapes populate a vine against a green leaf.
    Bunches of green Chardonnay grapes ripen on the vine.
    Pinot Noir grapes of different colors ripen on the vine.
    Blowing white grape buds blossom with a scattering of water droplets on a black background.
    Green Chardonnay grapes ripen on the vine with a spiders web in the background.
    A cluster of green Chardonnay grapes ripen on the vine.
    Over ripe purple Pinot Noir berries with yellow leaves.
    Ripe purple Pinot Noir grapes.
    Close up of the first bud break on a grapevine.
    Clusters of green Chardonnay grapes with a single grape illuminated by sunlight.
    Pinot Noir grapes of different colors ripen on the vine.
  • Cluster of ripe Pinot Noir grapes surrounded by green leaves.
    Cluster of ripe Pinot Noir grapes surrounded by green leaves.
    Cluster of green Chardonnay grapes dripping wet.
    Red grapes dangle from a vine.
    Cluster of green Chardonnay grapes.
    Shriveled black and blue grapes against yellow leaves.
    Close up of ripe purple grapes.
    Bunches of wet ripe Pinot Noir grapes on the vine.
    Red Pinot Noir grape leaves in a line on a vine in front of a blue sky.
    Close-up of twisted red grapevine.
    Close-up of dark gray leaf.
    Barren grapevine forms the shape of a cross in black and white.
  • Green, red and purple Pinot Noir grape leaf backlit by the sun.
    Close-up of grape blossom covered with tiny drops of water.
    Silhouetted barren grape vines reach up to a cloudy sky with a cluster of dried grapes that never dropped.
    Dark gray and black Pinot Noir grape leaves.
    Unpruned leafless red grapevines line up against a pale blue sky.
    Columns of twisted barren grape vines in the fog in black and white.
    Rows of blossoming grape vines in black and white.
    Red, orange and yellow Pinot Noir grape leaves.
    Hundreds of tiny drops of water cover a close-up of a blossoming grape vine.
    Red, orange and yellow Pinot Noir grape leaves.
    Close-up of red Pinot Noir grape leaf.
    Water drops in a spider’s web.

Wine & Vineyard Photography – Grapes & Vines

Steve Zmak has done a number of assignments for California wineries and wine organizations including conceptual photo illustrations for magazine covers, location and studio bottle shots, event coverage, advertising photos, portraits, label and website design, and of course the grapes, vines and vineyard landscape. His photographic imagery goes beyond the literal presentation of a subject to releasing its energy and exposing its inner light in new and unique ways, including his award-winning Lens Painting technique for a painterly effect.

Steve Zmak is a longtime member of the Monterey County Vintners & Growers Association (MCVGA), and many of his photos are used on their website and print publications. Zmak also shoots for the Santa Lucia Highlands Wine Artisans and River Road Wine Trail Association, and is a part of the permanent collection of the Monterey County Agricultural Museum. His photography clients include Hahn Family Wines, Scheid Vineyards, Pessagno Winery, Morgan Winery, Sarah’s Vineyard, Austin Harlow Winery, and Chateau Margene. His photos have appeared on the cover of Wine & Travel magazine 3 times.

Painterly looking photo of being sucked into a vineyard.

The vineyard at Hunter Hill Vineyard & Winery was so inviting that it just sucked me in. Lens painting is the only way I could illustrate this emotional energy, and I use this technique frequently in my vineyard photos.